contact: PySoy

Reporting Bugs (Trac)

The PySoy Team uses an integrated system called Trac for bug reporting and feature requests. This system is preferable to email or IRC because: No registration is nessesary to use this reporting system. Start by checking to see if someone has already filed a report for your bug or feature.

If you don't find a similar report, simply fill out a new ticket at with your email address with all the details you have. We'll contact you if we need more information.

The typical turn-around time on serious bugs is one week. Some bugs may take longer, especially if they're difficult to duplicate or are only reproducable with specific hardware.

Electronic Mail (SMTP)

These lists are primarily used by PySoy developers and game developers who use PySoy. Subscriptions for both of these lists are unrestricted, simply fill out your email address and password then reply to the confirmation email.

is the primary users/developers list. All general traffic should be here.

is a Subversion (SVN) commits list. Developers use it to receive instant notification when additions/changes are committed by other developers.

If you'd like to contact us regarding this website, use the typical address. This includes requests for link exchanges with other Planet sites from similar or symbiotic free software projects.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Most members of the PySoy development team frequent our official channel on the FreeNode IRC Network.

To chat with us, connect to and /join #PySoy. You'll need an IRC client to do this, but IRC is an old and well-established chat protocol so there's hundreds of good, free clients available for virtually any platform.

There are also channels on FreeNode for #Python, #Blender, #GIMP, and thousands of other free software projects.