about: PySoy

import soy

PySoy is a revolutionary cross-platform Python module which enables developers to easily build custom Python-based 3D engines, applications, and games.

With the most computation-rich parts of OpenGL processing implemented in Pyrex and C, PySoy remains efficient while offering an high level object-oriented Python API. The goal is to allow for rapid development with little sacrifice.

Build primarily for games, PySoy offers a simple and clean animation method with seperate functions for changes to object movement and the movement itself. Both of these animation functions are asynchronous to rendering.

Team PySoy

As a free software community project, PySoy is developed by a growing number of C and Python programmers. We call this collection of brave souls "Team PySoy".

Those daring enough to join this team do so by diving into the PySoy Ticket System and finding tasks which interest them. There's typically a few dozen open tickets to choose from. They assign tasks to themselves (after registering on the pysoy.org website) and set to work. Finished work is sent in the form of a patch to the pysoy dev mailing list for review. After a few decent patches are accepted that developer is given access to make further commits directly and is considered part of the team.

Note: more formal process for joining the PySoy development group is being drafted which provides additional support to new developers.


We're discussing becomming a member of the Software Freedom Conservancy which would allow us to receive tax deductible donations earmarked for PySoy.

Until then, donations and sponsorships for specific PySoy-related activities (bounties, competition prizes, etc) should be directed to arcspamguard@spamguardpysoy.org.